Benefits of Promotional Videos for your Business

Video marketing has become an effective and important online marketing approach. In research, it has revealed that 45% of businesses use promotional videos on their home page. The best way to build your business and help push sales is to include promotional videos anywhere you see possible. Videos are a lot more influential than any other form of promotion. These promotional videos give you a great chance to introduce yourself and explain what you do. Thousands of people now know and become aware that video marketing has many advantages and are using it widely to promote their brand, products, and services. Adding a video will help you communicate and create traffic flow to your website. Here, are some of the benefits of promotional videos for your business:

  • Increases Brand Awareness

You need to let people know what your business is about and who you are. Your business needs to position itself in front and stand out from the rest of your competition. By creating a video to promote your business you will become more exposed to possible new customers by presenting them with educational and helpful videos that will let them know what your company is about. This will help you create awareness of your business. See how a promotional video can increase your brand awareness!

  • Boost Conversions and Sales

By adding a video to your landing page this can increase your conversions by a staggering 80%. Videos can make you some serious money once you apply them to your business. Creating a video can also lead to sales. Research has shown 74% of users who have watched a video have bought a product on the same day. It really is not surprising that videos are very effective.

  • Your Online Presence Will Increase

For your new customers to find you, you need to appear in more places, the more the better. This will help in converting them into new paying customers. When you know you have your brand established, by websites, blog, social media, etc, spreading the word is very important, it can differentiate between getting noticed and your business been chosen over other competition. The second largest search engine is YouTube, it is a great place to get noticed. By creating a video this will benefit you by amplifying and engaging your audience. It may be a good idea to hire a professional SEO company for this type of expertise.

  • The Videos Build Trust

Building trust is a great foundation for sales and conversions. Building long-term relationships with clients should be your goal. Let people come to you by providing them with helpful and useful information. Creating a video does it all. They are engaging and can ignite emotions. A lot of consumers are a bit sceptical when buying a product or service online but having an effective promotional video this will give the consumer more confidence in your brand and business.

  • They can reduce your websites bounce rate

A high bounce rate is relatively telling you that you are making a bad first impression with visitors to your website. This is where a video comes into play. It is a great way of grabbing someone’s attention when they are on your site and this way it will help them to understand what your business is all about. Make a good informative video that will keep people interested and watch it to the end.

  • Showcases your product or service

Promotional videos with a strong human element will help visitors to connect to your brand. A great video will tell your customers and potential customers how your product or service works, show them how it’s used, etc. The information that they want to see, is what is going to get you the sale. Painting a picture for them of your product or service is the key.

  • They can be viewed and shared quickly across social media

Promotional videos have taken social media by storm. People love sharing videos. Once the videos are responsive to mobile users they will have no reason not to share on social media so other people will view it. The more entertaining and fun your videos are, this will then encourage people to social share with their friends. This will help drive traffic to your website and will create a good buzz about your business.
The videos you created will last for years and will also help you gain more and more exposure over time. It is becoming more and more affordable and widespread. The time is now to start coming up with video campaigns for your business to promote your product or service. This will genuinely improve sales and website traffic. It is important to remember to create high-quality videos and that is relevant to the rest of the content on your site.