Explainer Motion Videos

Explainer videos or Explainer Motion videos are growing in popularity amongst our clients in Ireland, Across Europe and more recently in the USA. These styles of explainer videos are generally used to help our clients explain in a very visually appealing and engaging manner – their business message, story or communication. Explainer motion videos can be custom created by our talented designers in a multitude of styles and visual approaches such as by use of animated infographics, custom illustrated characters, photography, video or even 3-D generated imagery. The Team at motion monsters have created literally hundreds of explainer motion videos for our clients across Ireland including Dublin, Galway, Mayo, and Kerry as also for our clients across the Pond in the USA most notably in New York, Pittsburg and New Jersey and our motion monsters just adore the challenge of having to bring your business message, communication or story to life. Explainer motion videos are incredibly engaging and recent studies have shown that your target market is 80% more likely to watch your online or explainer video than read the text that explains the same story on your website. Explainer videos can also be used to promote your business communication online by way of viral marketing such as promoting them on Youtube, Vimeo and through your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So if you are based in the New York, Pittsburg in the USA or Ireland in Dublin Mayo Galway or Kerry our team of dedicated qualified graphic designers and motion graphic artists are biting at the bit to create you an explainer motion video for your business that will knock your competition out of the park, and anything else for that matter.