Graphic Design

Logo Design

First impressions matter, which is why a great logo is essential for your business. Your logo is the first thing you tell your audience about who you are. A great logo will help your business stand out, making it instantly recognizable. It’s a powerful way to communicate your brand’s personality, identity and values. At Motion Monsters, we have a long history of creating vibrant, original and memorable logos for all kinds of clients in all types of businesses. We’d love to talk to you about how we can make yours stand out from the crowd.
At Motion Monsters , our talented team of award-winning graphic designers have created literally hundreds of custom logo designs, boosting brands and capturing the attention of customers around the world. Based in both the USA and Ireland, we are a design house and branding agency that goes well beyond just logo design and we bring your ideas to life through careful research – attention to detail and pure talent. Our team of scarily talented monster designers will always take the time to understand your values and mission, going the extra mile to bring your ideas to the world stage.
Choosing the right logo design for your brand is an important part of business, and it can often take a long time to complete the creative part of the process. That’s where our team of experienced logo designers comes in. Hand-picking the right type, shape and combination of elements and colors is essential to creating a logo that is unique, captivating and speaks to the heart of your business.
At Motion Monsters Design, we create logos with a unique combination of creativity and professionalism that capture the attention of your target audience; leaving a lasting impression and inspiring loyalty. We strive to create designs that stand out from the crowd and that appeal to your own unique audience. We specialize in creating the perfect visual representation of your company’s values and beliefs, avoiding the use of any industry cliches or recycled designs.
If you’re looking to establish an identity of revamp your existing identity, trust the team with years of experience in the logo design industry to be your professional branding and design partner. Contact the logo branding specialists at Motion Monsters Design today.

Brand Development

Motion Monsters Design is an award-winning branding and design team, with expertise in creating revolutionary logos and captivating brand identities that drive online and offline customer engagement. With a portfolio of hundreds of successful designs under our belt, we understand the importance of creating a brand that will capture the attention of your target audience, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring loyalty.
Creating a successful brand is one of the most important aspects of any business. At Motion Monsters based in Ireland and the US, we – more than most – understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity that will capture the essence of your business and the attention of your customers, building loyalty and inspiring customer engagement.
We provide our client’s with complete brand development services such as logo design, typography development, colour research and selection, package design, stationary design, and more. Manufacturers and service providers often need a complete makeover with regards to their visual identity to attract new customers, which is why our branding experts are experienced in creating complete brand identities from scratch, in order to fulfill our clients needs.
Our award winning design team works from various avenues, including research and strategy to create branding approaches that are tailored to a customer’s specific demands. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients from various industries, such as corporate, finance, technology, and entertainment, who have seen tremendous growth through services like our brand portfolio creation.
Whether you’re just starting out and need to establish an identity or you’re looking to update or modernize your existing brand,Motion Monsters Design is the perfect choice for you. With years of experience and success in the branding industry, be sure to trust your brand development to our professional team of design experts.

Brochure Design

In an online world, you could think that brochures don’t matter anymore. But the fact that we now live and breathe online has made the brochure even more valued by clients and customers. Staring at a screen can never quite beat the experience of browsing through a beautifully designed brochure at leisure. It’s a powerful visual asset worth investing in because the look and feel of your company brochure are a critical part of your brand collateral. At Motion Monsters, brochure design is a task we love working on, and that’s why we don’t use design templates but start every new brochure brief from scratch. This way, we create something original, vibrant, and unique every time. Our competitive and affordable design options make it more than possible for your business to boast a beautiful brochure within your budget.
From traditional print brochures to e-brochures, our team of scarily talented graphic designers can help bring your ideas to life. Our graphic design experts specialize in creating captivating and memorable brochures that are tailor-made for your individual needs. We understand how important it is for you to demonstrate the values and mission of your company – and that’s exactly what our graphic designers based in Ireland and the USA love to do.
Your brochure design need to appeal to the heart of your brand, so we put the time and effort into creating a unique combination of colors, shapes and elements that evoke the emotion you seek to convey to your target audience.
At Motion Monsters, our process goes well beyond creating captivating visual designs alone. We also research necessary colors and typefaces that capture the purpose of your brochure design and ensure your design gets noticed – for all the right reasons.
Let us use our expertise to help you craft a unique, memorable and captivating brochure design that drives customer engagement across all channels and inspires loyalty among both your current and prospective customers.