Infographic Video Graphics

The creative team at Motion Monsters have been creating motion-based info-graphic promotional videos for our clients since 2005. Infographic based promotional motion graphics are used for a multitude of applications whether it is bringing a product, business message even a location such as a map to life by using icons or infographic-style illustrations. These infographic based videos are hugely popular because they are really visually exciting for the end user and they are a very informative and visually engaging in terms of relaying your business message or communication. Infographic based motion videos are also quite often used as a method of bringing an end of year report or financial report to life. Motion Monsters have in our ranks access to all of the visual tools required to bring your infographic based promotional video life whether we use supplied or existing iconography or we can even custom illustrate your message and infographics and quite literally bring your story or message to life. Studies have shown that your end user or target market is much more likely to remember your communication or business message or story if it is brought to life visually. This is because people have become very visual in terms of the way they interpret the world around them. A potential client is much more likely to hit the play button on your video than read through pages of text or click through pages of information on your website. Our team of designers who are also qualified and experienced graphic designers has worked with and for some of the biggest ad agencies on the planet – creating world-class infographic motion videos for international and national recognized brand names for clients in New York to New Jersey, Pittsburg in the USA right across the Atlantic to Dublin and the island of Ireland where we have our roots! We love to bring message or communication to life whether it’s a little job or a big story – we don’t mind the size of the job we just love creating infographic based videos for our clients big and small.