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The Mayo.ie promotional online motion video for Mayo County Council based in Mayo, Ireland was a huge project for the talented team of Motion Graphic Designers at Motion Monsters and sister company Designwest. The creative brief for this government body started with the creation of a new Brand Identity – Logotype design – Word mark Logo for the county of Mayo which of course was a hugely proud moment for our team of designers. The chosen Brand was then used as a styling guide to create a whole range of promotional materials which included online and offline communications, printed materials and signage ending with the creation of this amazing promotional motion video which took nearly three months to create as it demanded the custom animation of the county of Mayo in a 3-d format which was then brought to life by adding towns and buildings and business locations across the virtual county to help promote and show just what an amazing county Mayo is. This motion graphic video / promo video for the Ireland based government body ℅ Mayo County Council was one of the biggest projects we have ever taken on because of the length and depth of the video which demanded completely custom animation of airports, buildings, churches and even castles but our animators thoroughly enjoyed it because they found it so very interesting to work on and they even learned a little more about the amazing county of Mayo, Ireland along the way.

Our team of qualified graphic designers worked closely with the motion graphic artists at Motion Monsters to ensure that the brand values were clearly and correctly promoted within the video. The Mayo.ie project was an absolutely amazing creative job for our team to have been involved in because there were so many creative elements required to complete the job which spanned over approximately 6 month. One of our new clients loved the video so much that the team at Motion monsters ended up creating a very similar style in a promotional video for a Kerry, Ireland based Hotel which is another story entirely…So if you are looking for any type of promotional video, promo video, info graphic video or motion graphic video in Ireland or the USA please do not hesitate to contact our team of monstrously talented creatives and we would be happy to help you with your creative brief.

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