Promo Video – Motion Video Design – Richard Gotto Agri

Client: Richard Gotto Agri

Promo Video for Richard Gotto Agri.

Here is the Promo Video we have just completed for Richard Gotto Agri in Kilmoney, County Cork. They are a Modern Agri Contracting Business specializing in all areas of Grassland Management & Tillage. The team at Motion Monsters recorded some impressive footage of the team at Richard Gotto Agri. The animated elements were added the start and end of the video to promote the logo and brand of the company.

Why use a promo video?

  1. It can help to outshine the competition.
  2. It humanizes your brand.
  3. 25% of consumers tend to lose interest if there is no video on a website.
  4. A video is a great way to show consumers exactly what you can provide.
  5. It can become shareable content online.

So if your looking for any type of promotion video, promo, info-graphic video or motion graphic video in Ireland please do not hesitate to contact our team of monstrously talented creatives and we will to help with you. So why not call us today to see what we can do for you!

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