Client: #BuyDonegal

#BuyDonegal is an opportunity for us all to highlight the fantastic range of Donegal products and services (brands) available to buy and most importantly encourage people to buy them. #BuyDonegal is an ongoing campaign to support Donegal businesses. It was launched on the back of #BuyDonegalWeekend in early November 2020 and will continue as a collective effort to showcase the best of Donegal business! It also provides consumers a great opportunity to buy their special Donegal gift in time for Christmas giving their loved ones something extra special from Donegal. You can buy through company websites, physically in store or both, depending on the nature of the brand. You will find a selection of wonderful craft, clothing, produce and more on their website! buydonegal.ie For this video we ensured that we got the voice over artist from Donegal and a local Designer helped us with the design. We fully intend on buying at least some of our Christmas presents from Donegal this year as they have some fantastic stuff for sale.