What we do

People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them

Motion Graphics Video Production

Our team of little motion monsters are absolute experts in the custom creation of all types of promotional and motion-based graphic videos for our clients in Dublin and Ireland as well as New York, New Jersey, Pittsburg and the rest of the USA. Our skill set includes the custom creation of promotional videos, infographic video graphics and animated video which includes the creation of 3D graphics if required. Our monstrously talented designers are most certainly the best people available for the creation of your video and we love a creative challenge!

Branding & Identity Design

Our team of qualified graphic designers have years of hands-on experience having completed literally thousands of creative briefs for our clients in the USA as well as the UK and Europe through our sister company designwest.ie – Our designers love a creative challenge and in terms of design it doesn’t get any more challenging than the creation of branding design, identity design or logo design for our clients in New York, New Jersey or Ireland but we do love a challenge. You can look at our full portfolio of work here. It is worth noting that each and every branding exercise, identity design, and logo design is started with a blank white sheet and we never ever use pre-designed logos so our clients get the very best from our experienced designers with each and every project we do.

Design Communication

Design is all about communicating – whether it is communicating your product, business message or service through a printed or digital based medium. Our qualified designers have been incredibly busy over the past collective 90 years designing all kinds of marketing, advertising and promotional based materials on both print and web for our hugely diverse range of clients all across the globe. We have created everything from logos and stationery suites through to marketing print and digital campaigns for national and international clients. In the design industry, only two things really matter – natural design ability and experience. Through the completion of literally thousands of briefs for our clients, our designers have started and finished countless creative briefs for our clients in the USA and Europe.

Website Design

The team at Motion monsters are absolute experts in all forms of digital design. Our designers have created hundreds of custom created website designs for our clients based in New York, Pittsburg, New Jersey as well as in Europe / Ireland the UK and even Australia. Website design is probably one the most important areas for us in terms of revenue generation so it is hugely important that we have at our base – designers and website developers that really understand how it all works. On this basis, we ensure our designers and developers have years of experience before they get behind the wheels of a project for our clients so you know that you are in the very safest hands and you have the attention of some amazingly talented designers and developers who are biting at the bit to work with you. We create everything from WordPress websites to custom designed websites which demand the customized touch of our talented website designers and developers. It is also worth noting that all of our website designers have a background in graphic design and are qualified which means you have the very finest creatives working on your website. Our designers who know how very important the visual aspect, navigation and functionality of your website design are and they always strive for perfection in this regard.

Motion Graphic Video Production

Motion graphics are hands down, the cleverest and engaging way of promoting your business, your product or your message to your target market.

Branding &
Identity Design

Your Brand design, Logo design, Wordmark design or Identity design whatever it is – if designed and developed correctly – is what sets you apart and makes you stand out from your competitors.


Every well-designed brand needs something to sit. Remember you only get a few moments – seconds to grab your potential customers attention so you need to ensure you maximise your first impression.


Your website once designed and developed will work for you 24 hours of every day, and will direct each and every customer it finds right to your doorstep and all of that with no complaints no pay rises.