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Motion Video Design – Logo Revolution – Michelle Burke Estate Agents Galway

Elevating Galway’s Real Estate Visibility: Michelle Burke Auctioneers’ Logo Animation by Motion Monsters




In the bustling real estate scene of Galway, Ireland, differentiation is essential. Michelle Burke Auctioneers, a premier estate and letting agency in this vibrant city, recognized this need and turned to Motion Monsters. Our task was to create a captivating motion video design, specifically a logo revolution animation that would not only redefine the agency’s brand image but also set a new standard for promotional video design in Ireland.

Transforming Brand Identity in Ireland


At Motion Monsters, we specialize in creating striking visual narratives. The logo revolution animation crafted for Michelle Burke Auctioneers isn’t just a refreshed logo; it represents a bold step in redefining real estate branding in Ireland. This animation reflects the agency’s progressive nature and its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and outcomes in the property market.

Advantages of a Logo Revolution Video for Irish Businesses


Stronger Brand Awareness

In the competitive Irish market, a motion video design like ours ensures that Michelle Burke Auctioneers stands out, creating a memorable brand image.

Storytelling through Animation

Our logo animation conveys the growth and dynamism of Michelle Burke Auctioneers, showcasing their commitment to innovation in Galway’s real estate sector.

Increased Engagement Rates

Video content, especially in promotional designs, engages audiences more effectively, providing a significant boost to marketing efforts in Ireland.

Multi-platform Marketing Tool

This logo animation is versatile, perfect for use across various digital platforms, enhancing the online presence of an Irish real estate brand.

Innovative Edge

Being one of the first in Galway to use such animation sets Michelle Burke Auctioneers apart as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

Motion Monsters: Galway’s Go-To for Motion Graphic Videos


Our expertise at Motion Monsters extends well beyond logo animations. We are a leading name in Galway and across Ireland for crafting diverse motion graphic videos. Whether it’s explainer videos, promotional clips, or custom animations, our team blends creative flair with technical prowess to produce content that resonates with audiences.

Our diverse portfolio showcases our ability to adapt and create across genres and styles. From minimalist animations to elaborate visual compositions, we ensure each project aligns with the client’s brand ethos while making a visual impact.



The new logo revolution video for Michelle Burke Auctioneers is more than just a branding tool; it’s a symbol of innovation in Galway’s real estate market. At Motion Monsters, we are proud to contribute to this transformation and are eager to assist more Irish businesses in elevating their brand presence with our expert motion video and promotional design services.

Experience the impact of this animation at Michelle Burke Auctioneers. To explore how we can transform your brand’s digital image with our video design services in Galway and Ireland, contact Motion Monsters today.

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