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Vacanthomes.ie based in Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland, is a website that had information obtained from people using this site to allow the creation of new homes from existing vacant houses. There are many empty homes in Ireland so they want to bring as many vacant homes to use and to develop a strategy to address this. When people identify a house that they believe to be vacant, they will then have to fill out a form giving the details of the house. It’s an opportunity for people to increase the supply of housing across the country.

Our team of qualified graphic designers worked closely with the motion graphic artists at Motion monsters to ensure that the brand values were clearly and correctly promoted within the video. The promotional video is stylish, informative and visually appealing and it also explains their website and what they do. They show very clearly the steps on how to fill out the form.

The motion graphic designers at motion monsters are hugely experienced and have created literally hundreds of amazing videos for clients in Ireland which include all types of promotional videos, motion graphic videos, infographic videos which are all custom designed by our motion designers in conjunction with our team of graphic designers.

So if you are looking for any type of promotional video, promo video, infographic video or motion graphic video in Ireland or the USA please do not hesitate to contact our team of monstrously talented creatives and we would be happy to help with your creative brief

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